Kateryna Shapran

Kateryna Shapran

The young artist Kateryna was born in a small town in western Ukraine – Uzhhorod. Her musical journey was planned from an early age because her grandmother taught piano. At the age of three, she first encountered the piano, and music has been a part of her life in various ways ever since. As a child, she played many concerts and participated in competitions. At the age of 8, she won the 2nd place at the international competition „Silver Bell“ in Ukraine.

At the age of 15, she moved to Slovakia (Conservatory in Košice) to study piano, organ, and composition. There, she found her expression in piano playing and won several prizes in competitions. In particular, she won the 2nd place at the D. Zador International Piano Competition in 2017 and the 3rd place at the F. Chopin Piano Competition in Vienna in 2019 in the professional category.


Since 2016, Kateryna Shapran has been part of a piano duo with Balazs Fazekas, with whom they won the Slovak Chamber Music Competition in 2017.


In 2019, Kateryna enrolled in the Robert Schumann University of Music in Düsseldorf, under the famous pianist Liza Smirnova, where she could further develop her career and calling.


2022 proved to be a turning point when the war began. The pianist decided to use her skills to help the country and regularly plays and organizes charity concerts for various organizers, including the academy where she studies. In addition to charity work, last year Kateryna also made her debut at the Ruhr Piano Festival and gave a concert as a piano duo with her partner Balazs Fazekas at Steinway & Sons.


In addition to her solo career, Kateryna performs successfully with Balazs Fazekas as Piano Duo. They recently won the 2nd prize at the Sieghard Rometsch Competition in Düsseldorf, Germany.


„Mundo Músicos“ talked with Kateryna

February 8, 2023 | Mundo Músicos | Eutherpe Foundation | Spain

In the interview with Mundo Músicos, a renowned pianist, Kateryna Shapran discusses her deep connection to music, both professionally and personally. She emphasizes the importance of viewing music as an art form rather than just a craft and offers advice for aspiring musicians to persevere through challenges. Kateryna also highlights her upcoming concert with her husband, Balazh Fazekas, as part of the Eutherpe Foundation’s concert series, featuring a diverse and exciting program for two pianos. Additionally, she shares her experience of how the war in her country has influenced her musical journey, revealing its challenges and opportunities.

„To send light into the darkness
of men’s hearts – such is the duty
of the artist.“

Robert Schumann